Dating Sites for Seniors Over 65 Years Old

Are you looking out to be acquainted with dating sites for the older category of individuals?Would you like to gain information about dating sites for seniors of over 65 years of age? Then you should most certainly read on.

During the hay and young days, finding a boyfriend/girlfriend may not be a challenge, youthfulness takes care of that, but dating doesn’t come as easy for the senior category of persons. As a matter of fact, it becomes more difficult when one is over 65 years of age. But the good news today is that we are going to discuss some of the major dating sites for seniors of above 65 years and how to get hooked up through one.

Dating Sites For Seniors

Some of the famous dating sites for seniors above 65 years of age include:

1. SeniorMatch:
If you are over 65 yet you are still into online dating, is the perfect site for you! This is one of the great places online that cater to the needs of your age group that mainly includes over 65 seniors looking for friends or maybe for a more serious relationship. If you wanted to find someone who might also be interested in things that you enjoy doing in life, you have all the freedom to check out and explore this site. has tens of thousands real and active members. The site offers 65 plus communities with fun and secure place to connect and interact.

Unique Features of

The unique and outstanding features of are many to mention but some of the top features that are accessible to free members are as follows:

  • Member blogs to easily learn about other active members by means of reading posts about their life experiences and thoughts
  • Limited-time trial offers absolutely free. This allows individuals to create profile and receive emails
  • Profiles that are reviewed by the staff prior to making them visible online to many other members
  • Well laid out and good results with location listed and larger photos

2. Senior Friend Finder:

This software is customized for users of above 60 to 65+ years of age. Many individuals have attested that the site is secure and safe to use. It has special features that can help you settle in and get along with new friends such as:

  • Chat segment (where you can connect and chat with your chosen individuals)
  • Instant messaging that delivers your messages and receives them immediately after they are sent. It makes it easier to communicate and eases up the tension that may otherwise come with a long waiting period.
  • Magazine section: Here, you can upload, post and read articles. It offers you the opportunity to get to know people via their posts and magazine.

The advanced version of this application is paid for however; you could use a free version of the website which allows every user access up to 10 profiles per day.

3. AAPR Dating

This is another dating site that seniors of age 65 and above can key into. It works with the ‘How About We’ dating website and has a plethora of online dating services. Some of its special features include:

  • ‘Pick a Date’: this allows users to use a segment that provides personality insights on dating through questions.
  • The ‘I’m Intrigued Button’: This is a button that allows users to express their like or admiration for another member’s profile and personality.
  • AAPR also have a free trial period for interested users.

4. Our Time
This is another amazing dating platform. It is generally available for individuals that are over-50 years of age and it is easy to use. To get started with this application, all you need to do is to set up your profile and enter all necessary details about yourself. Amazing features of this site include:

  • It displays large photos and some information about each individual that could be easily swiped to the next.
  • Upon swiping, there are two options; if you like the person and would like to connect with them, you can swipe to the right for ‘yes please’ or to the left for ‘no thanks’.
  • It is basically free with an exception to the usage of certain features which attract charges.

You could access this software on a browser or download the application over an Andriod or iOS device.

Who says you cannot have romantic fun, hook up and enjoy life in your sixties? Shake off the doubt, let go of the somewhat timidity and plunge into the ocean of possibilities.


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    March 8th, 2018

    How can I log in?

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    August 15th, 2018

    I enjoy the report

  • Marieta Lirag (#)
    April 20th, 2019

    I am from Philippines , 51 years old and looking for a men whom can accept me as I am. Thank you hope I can find a man to be my for ever.

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