Dating over 50 when to kiss

kissIf you are married or have been in a relationship for a long period of time, you may want to date again and the thought can bring about a breakup. Below are some things which you need to take note of before starting an adventure of dating over 50:

Don’t even think of it as dating.

Rather than taking this as an opportunity to fling yourself out into the world and see what comes back. You can chat with someone in the market or at a movie house. This is because you can’t tell where a little moment of connection can lead. You can also ask a direction from a handsome guy at a corner because he won’t know anything and such can result in a great relationship.

Switch it up

Men usually go out on their own and are more comfortable at a bar or event but women like to go out with female friends. So men would be found in sports bars while women in wine bars. Unless you want to keep meeting your own kind, going for a game now and then is a brilliant idea and ensure you do not go out with a group of girls. This is because men sometimes find it very difficult to approach a group of girls or start a conversation with them.

Find a local spot to make your own

You do remember the eponymous TV show where everyone knows what you bear. You definitely have that kind of place near you where you can sit and feel comfortable. I have a good relationship with the bartender around my home and they take good care of me whenever I’m with a friend or alone.

Dress the part

For men, going to a fashion event can help to break the Hawaiian shirt phenomena, while giving you a great access to beautiful ladies. Always ensure you wear sports jacket because every man looks good in it. On the other hand, ladies could button up a bit.

Make room for surprises to happen

You know how things tend to happen whenever you travel to a new place? This is because you are out and do not know the next thing. That’s a good way to look at life wherever you live. There is no need for you to plan for everything, live the moment very well, explore, beautify everything and you may even discover a hidden talent in the process.

Don’t be afraid to make the first move

Men usually summon the courage and approach a woman first, but waiting for anything is over. Whenever you are on a date and feels the moment is right for the first kiss, ensure you do it. In situations which are less intimate, ensure you make the first move. Ensure you always carry a business or personal card; you can get lovely ones which are made online. Do customize them with your picture and add a tagline e.g. Oh wait, that’s mine.

Don’t take it too seriously

Do note that the human condition is very funny; we sometimes make fools of ourselves at one point or the other. So flirt, laugh and enjoy yourself. You will never get younger even if there is no grand love, there will be other things. There will be friendship and possibly romance in the long run.

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