Best Over 60 Dating Sites 2022

They say that getting old is not for the cowardly. Ultimately, many will affirm that the same sentiment applies to over 60 dating. At 60’s, chances are you have already retired. In addition to that, there are probably no kids to bug you around. As such, lonely starts to creep in. Well, life being a conglomerate of our daily choices, the choice of whether to embrace the loneliness or a companionship of a like-minded peculiar person lies in your hands. Our advice is, instead of whining and fantasizing about how sweet dating was at your 20’s, why don’t you wake from the fantasies and find love and companionship again. Age is just a number, remember! There being a variety of sites for over 60 dating at your disposal, our question is, what are you waiting for?


senior matchTalking of expertise in this arena, with this site you can never get it wrong. It has an age limit whereby it exclusively focuses on users over 60 years of age. This has boosted its endeavor to connect only the mature members interested in meeting others online. It is undoubtedly the largest senior dating site. Irrespective of that peculiar and in most cases unpleasant story associated with people within this age, this site has consistently committed to helping its members find their companions. Whatever your interests are, keep calm, they are going to be fully sorted on this site.


  • Excellent Customer Care Services: The site has customer care personnel who offer you assistance from when creating the profile and at every step of the dating process.
  • Dating advice: You get assistance on the expectations and do’s and don’ts throughout the dating process.


  • Convenience: The process of being matched to your soulmate takes very few minutes after you complete your profile.
  • Easy: All you should do is create a profile and then you’ll get connected to your desired match.


  • It’s hard to determine the credibility of some profiles.
  • There are cases of imposters who are not within the legit age limit.
  • It’s hard to determine the sincerity of some members.

Popularity:5.0/5.05 Stars


elite singlesIt’s said that life is short to be anything but happy. There is nothing as electrifying as shunning the dating game and finding a sincere person who perfectly understands your emotions, especially when in your twilight years. Are you ready to kick start a new thrilling experience with a wealth of new exciting people! Well, all you need to do is set your mind specifically on what you crave for, this site is here for your service. We believe that compatible matches are the foundation to any relationship. Guided by the crave to actualize a sound relationship that satisfies your interests, EliteSingles provides an easy platform whereby you just need to register your details and personality. This enables us to find a perfect match for you. We boast of mature educated members, thus the assentation that your pursuit for lasting companionship will undoubtedly be achieved via our site.


  • Intelligent matchmaking: We believe in compatibility first. After filling the personality questionnaire on our website, we endeavor to get you a perfect match. Our convenience in fulfilling your desire is second to none.
  • Easy and effective online platform: Once you register with EliteSingles, it just requires you to have an idea of your desired type of companion hence ability to easily spot them when after a timely match.


  • It’s easy to find your match.
  • It takes a little time.
  • It is secretive.
  • It is an effective method of finding your dream partner.
  • It has a direct assertive approach once you know what you really want.


  • In the case of a mistake in the stipulation of your personality and desired kind of individual, it could lead to match with one of the undesired characteristics.
  • It may attract jokers since there are no sincere means of ascertaining the seriousness of the applicant.

Popularity:4.5/5.05 Stars


match.comThere is no dispute that online dating is the talk of the day. Great catches can now easily be found online. You could be just a click of a button away from your dream soulmate. Are you divorced or maybe bereaved, in your sixties, yet to settle down with a significant other! Are you ready to start a thrilling new chapter in your lives but wondering how, worry no more, you are in the right place. Rest assured that you will find interesting and vivacious singles here if that’s what you want. There say time waits for no man, we say, there’s no time like the present to start over 60 dating with us. Ready to get a serious love life and meet your matches? Well, all you should do is register today and the search for a suitable partner is on.


  • Excellent Customer care.
  • Assistance with profile creation.
  • Quick response to queries.
  • Dating tips and advice.


  • Easy
  • Secure.
  • Fun.


  • It’s hard to determine the sincerity of some members since even younger immature people may apply leading to cases of fraud.

Popularity:4.0/5.04 Stars


ourtimeWe live in a diverse world with everyone entitled to their opinion. Some say that age is just a number, in our opinion, in addition to that, there is no age limit on finding love. That’s why we please in helping our members meet someone who shares their outlook on life and relationships. Could that be your aim as well! Okay, if so, you are in the right place. People in the twilight years specifically may feel that their social circles have dwindled by there being no adequate social events for them. However, this site offers you viable solution past this problem. gives you an opportunity to reawaken your teenage memories by meeting your likes online and get you out there again. They also provide a chance to meet them physically via group activities.


  • Dating tips and advice: offer your expert advice in every step of your dating journey and beyond.
  • Activities: provide cultural outings, group weekends and much more. There is just something for everyone.


  • Secure: This site provides maximum security thus ensuring that you have peace of mind regarding your payments and personal data.
  • 100% verified profiles: In the pursuit to enhance credibility in our site, we endeavor to ensure that all profiles on this site are real. This accrues you maximum satisfaction, which is our priority.


  • Even though the site is dedicated for over 60 dating, it is abused by people who create vague profiles. There are efforts to eliminate that, though it’s hard to completely eradicate the chances of such liars.

Popularity:3.8/5.04 Stars


date over 60This site gives you an opportunity to bid goodbye to your loneliness and find companionship again, but first! Are you over 60, do you yearn for a chance to feel fulfilled again? By now you ought to affirm that truly opportunity knocks once, thanks to your age. Undoubtedly, this site provides you with a perfect opportunity to find love, romance or maybe marriage. Are you looking for a site where you can feel blessed and loved again, look no more, you found us. All you are required to do is go online ad your dream of finding someone to hold a special place in your heart will come true. Through our site, you get the opportunity to get connected to your soulmate within a couple of few minutes.


  • Customer service: DateOver60 provides a terrifying way of communicating, thanks to our team of dedicated customer care to ensure you get a fast match.


  • Easy connection: provide you with the easiest yet a terrifying way of communicating with your prospective soulmates.
  • Fast: All you should do is register for free, create an appealing profile and upload a decent photo and leave the rest for us to do what we do best.
  • Fun: Nothing can be as fun as finding someone of like passion especially at that advanced age. I mean, sharing in some of your past occurrences can be a thrilling experience, right!


  • This site is specifically meant for the people over 60 years of age. However, it’s hard to determine who truly belong to that bracket hence cases of liars that may discredit the site in the long run.

Popularity:3.5/5.03.5 Stars


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