How to Attract a Man Over 50?

attract-a-manTurning fifty marks a major milestone in your life. You may feel inspired to turn your life in a new direction, and for some female singles over fifty, that means stepping into the world of dating and finding a companion to live out the rest of your days with. Even for women under fifty, an older man may be more attractive than younger men for his maturity and experience in life. Regardless, attracting a man over fifty comes with its own unique challenges that are fairly simple to overcome.

Attracting a man requires drawing attention to yourself and gauging his energy toward your person. For some, this means turning to estrogen and turning up the female charm. At the same time, you must tone down any masculine characteristics as they are often turn-offs for men. This, however, does not mean that you need to put on a naïve, innocent face. Rather, it is an opportunity to share your successes as a woman and appeal to a man as a strong, independent woman with a touch of sensitivity and a need for love.

The most obvious and important step in attracting a man is enhancing your appearance. This may mean trying out a new hairstyle or experimenting with different makeup techniques. Attracting an older man also gives you an excuse to go on a shopping spree for sexy, but sophisticated clothing. Appearance is everything, and if you put enough effort into your looks, you convey confidence and beauty that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Portraying femininity also entails a sense of softness. Listening skills are essential to any relationship and demonstrating your ability to listen early on makes you more appealing as a companion. Further, subtle romantic gestures such as a soft stroke of the hand or a hug after a date emphasize your interest and ability to be a compassionate female.

Attracting an older man also requires a sense of sophistication and maturity. Even if a man is attracted to a younger woman, he does not want some senseless woman whom which he cannot have a mature conversation with. Rather, emphasize your intelligence and maturity to attract him intellectually, but keep in mind that he does not want to feel inferior to you. Be humble when talking about your accomplishments and be sure to act impressed at his.

Older men also look for a woman who is respectful. They often have careers and obligations that you need to be mindful of and giving him space to do those things is essential. This is the area that independency can come into play- show him that you want him, but that you can survive without him! Lastly, be sure to accept your differences. A man in his fifties is at a much different stage in his life than a woman in her thirties, so you must be mindful and careful in your judgement.

Attracting a man over fifty is an impressive accomplishment for a woman of any age. This feat can be accomplished by utilizing your feminine qualities, intelligence, and independency. Keep in mind his accomplishments and remember that good things come from a lifetime of experiences.

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