The best five places for first date

first-dateSenior dating is different from dating when you are younger. Most senior singles try to avoid going to bars on dates because most bars are not really designed to attract people outside of their 20’s and early 30’s. This is why a common question about dating for seniors is ‘Where should I have a first date?’ Here are five of the best places to have a first date.

1. Street Fair or Festival

Most areas have street fairs and festivals at least once a year and some of them are very unique. A Street fair allows you to find out more about your area, so you can easily find out how your date treats people in a stressful environment. You also can easily sneak away or bump into a friend if your date is not going as planned.

2. Coffee Shops

Depending on your area, a coffee shop could be a great option for a first date. Unlike a bar, there is no need to get drunk, and most are quiet, so you can relax. Some coffee shops can be a little drab, so you may want to check out the coffee shop before your date to make sure that it is a good fit for you.

3. The Zoo

Zoos are a great place for a first date because you are not just learning about animals, you are also learning about your date. Everyone has childhood memories about the zoo, so there is no shortage of conversations that you can have. Depending on the Zoo, you can also chat over a snack, so you can turn your first date into a daylong event.

4. The Farmers Market

You may be surprised to discover how many tasty foods and items that are created locally. The farmers market is a great option if you are looking for something to do during a lunch hour or early morning on the weekend. Along with learning about your date in a relaxed environment, you can also meet new people and enjoy amazing fresh foods. Most times, farmer’s markets have vendors that sell coffee, so you can have a coffee date at the market if you are not a fan of the local coffee shops.

5. Museums

Museums do not have to be boring like they were when you were younger. Museums are a great option for the first date since you can walk around or find a place to sit a talk. If you do not feel like talking, you can explore the museum until you find something interesting to talk about. Since the exhibits change frequently, there is most likely an exhibit that will interest you or your date. There are exhibits on just about everything if you are willing to wait for them.

The first date is always difficult, but dating for seniors makes the whole process more nerve racking. Senior singles can find it more difficult to think of creative places to have a first date at. Hopefully, the ideas above have given you a better idea of where to have your first date.


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