Top 3 Best Senior Dating Apps 2017

More seniors are using online dating services than ever before. There are many dating websites that also have mobile apps, so it is easy to connect with singles in your area. The increasing options for dating apps makes it difficult to know what apps you should be using. Below are our top three senior dating apps.


senior match appSenior Match is the most popular dating website for seniors, which is mainly due to the fact that it has many features available and is simple to use. Senior Match was established years ago and has been used on desktops from its creation. Senior Match only allows people who are over the age of 30 to become members. This helps limit the amount of people who are not seniors on the dating service, which can help you connect with other seniors in your area.

Along with the desktop version, there is also a free app that you can use to connect with local singles. The app is available on iOS and Android. Most features of the desktop version are on the mobile versions.

The pros of the Senior Match app is that it allows you to create an account for free and the app is very stable. Seniors Match also allows you to browse singles for free. The one con of the Senior Match is that it is not very useful for casual daters. There are very sophisticated match algorithms working in the background that track who you are connecting with.

Popularity:5.0/5.05 Stars


match is one of the most popular dating sites online today, and it has members of all ages. The app has a highly interactive user interface, which makes it easy to search for singles in your area. The app is commonly used by senior singles daily. The app is one of the best apps that you can download because you can start searching and meeting singles in your area.

The main pro of using app is that the search options are very useful and make it easy to find singles who you may like. will also send you daily matches, so you can connect with even more singles. There is also a location-based system that will update to show you singles who are near you. The main con is that the matching algorithm can be too specific, so it could limit number of singles who you see in searches.

Popularity:4.5/5.05 Stars


ourtime appOurTime is one of the fastest growing senior dating sites today. It is a simply designed website with an impressive amount of search features that have helped it takeoff. OurTime makes it simple to connect with other singles by email, live chat, and even text message. The app will also send you daily matches for you to browse.

The main pro of OurTime’s App is that it has so many extra search and communication features, which make it easy to find and connect with singles both on desktop and mobile devices. The custom matching algorithms are not as harsh as other dating services, so you receive a good variety of matches. However, this huge amount of features can be a con, especially if you are not familiar with technology or are not going to use them.

Popularity:4.0/5.04 Stars

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